Design. Function. Quality.

A good day begins and ends with a positive reflection. An image that reflects brilliantly and without distortion and is perfectly illuminated.
The reflection of a unique person. A ray of hope. Direct and unadulterated. Simply yourself. See for yourself how brightly our bathroom mirrors with LED light enhance and accentuate your entire bathroom and bathroom furniture.

Light and glass perfectly combined for you.

LED bathroom mirror by with perfect light and glass composition

Brilliant, undistorted, uniformly illuminated without glare, true to detail and colour: that's how you want to see your reflection. In the morning and in the evening. This requires a perfect mirror glass pane and optimal light.

Our bathroom mirrors with LED lighting are manufactured using only high quality materials and the latest technology. High-quality "Pilkington SQ Glass" flat glass mirrors with flush, backlit light cut-outs serve as the basis. The silver-coated glass is supported by a stable and aesthetic aluminium body with brushed surface. The switches and buttons for light and clock control are located in this frame. The illuminated digital clock as well as the integrated cosmetic mirror with 3-fold magnification are flush mounted as well as the illuminated sensor keypad. The innovative and energy-saving LED technology puts everything in perfect light. With a light output between 700 and 1,700 lumens, protection class IP24 and energy efficiency class A++. This is what technology must be for demanding people. design. Function. Quality.

Glass. Valuable raw material from fire and ashes.

LED bathroom mirror with high-quality float glass

The earthy substances quartz sand, potash, soda and lime are the basic materials from which glass is made. The first known recipe for glass has been handed down from the Assyrian library and is dated around 650 BC.

Since then, special mixtures of these substances have been melted at more than 1,400 degrees Celsius. The result is a viscous glowing mass. Today, float glass is used to make flat glass and special surface finishing processes in factories produce our high-quality, polished mirror glass. We use only the best silver-coated "Pilkington" SQ glass for our bathroom mirrors in accordance with EU Standard EN-1036, which guarantees an almost perfect, distortion-free and colour-true reflection and an extremely long service life.

Light. The stuff that life comes from.

LED bathroom mirror with the perfect light for your bathroom

When Thomas Alva Edison applied for a patent for his light bulb in 1880, probably no one thought that this small glowing glass globe would one day turn night into day on our planet and thus change entire social structures and millennia-old habits of life.

Today, almost 150 years later, we know that the light bulb heats more than it shines and have replaced this inefficient technology with LED technology (LED = Light Emitting Diode). LED illuminant, a light emitting diode with extremely high efficiency and service life, has significantly changed lighting technology but also luminaire design. Today, we can design our mirrors freely with small strip lights and integrated LED components without having to worry about space-intensive components such as transformers. The warm light of our bathroom mirrors, which is based on natural light, with a colour temperature of approx. 4,200 Kelvin, supports your biological mood in the morning and in the evening. The daylight-like LED light stimulates and suggests activity to your subconscious. The room light effect gives your bathroom a pleasant basic light, especially in the evening, and the light strips in the mirror illuminate you glare-free and evenly. Your entire bathroom, your bathroom furniture, your bathroom furnishings from tiles to ceramics are harmoniously illuminated.