Bathroom mirror with lighting 180 x 70 cm - TALOS MOON

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TALOS mirror - Living ambience with and without LED, light and glass perfectly combined
Energy efficiency label for TALOS mirrors


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Illuminated mirror with LED light TALOS MOON

Bathroom mirror with lighting at an extremely low price in top quality!

  • Elegant design with a special touch
  • Sandblasted LED light surround
  • On-Off button in aluminium frame
  • Extremely high product quality
  • High-quality glass coating on the basis of silver
  • High stability and long service life
  • Especially easy to clean
  • Energy-saving LED technology
  • Natural light colour of 4200 Kelvin
  • Very easy installation due to pre-assembled electrical connection box
  • Sturdy mounting brackets and robust aluminium frame
  • Modern manufacturing processes according to ISO9000
  • Continuous quality controls by independent bodies such as TÜV and SGS
  • Dimensions: 180 x 70 cm
  • Lumen: 2726

Emotionality meets technology. This describes the TALOS MOON in a nutshell, because behind the harmoniously rounded shape is hidden the latest technology of energy-saving LED lighting, which provides harmonious ambient light all round.
You will be thrilled at a glance!

Assembly of the TALOS MOON - illuminated bathroom mirror with LED all-round lighting 180cm

The dimensions of the TALOS MOON 180 x 70 cm are given in width x height.

CE certified: Like all our TALOS bathroom mirrors, the TALOS MOON has the CE certificate

Tip: Installing the TALOS MOON is very easy, but you should always consult a specialist for electrical installation.

Questions & Answers - about the bathroom mirror with lighting

Is the bathroom mirror with lighting suitable for other areas?

As a bathroom mirror with lighting, the mirror is designed for bathrooms and is suitable for wet areas. You can also use the illuminated mirror in living areas. The mirror is particularly effective in spacious rooms such as corridors.

Is the illuminated mirror also available in other sizes?

We are continuously working on expanding our mirror range. In other sizes, we carry a similar all-round illuminated bathroom mirror under the name TALOS SUN as a bathroom mirror 45 x 70 cm and bathroom mirror 80 x 70 cm .

Is the mirror also available with other light intensities?

The TALOS MOON is currently only available with a luminous intensity of 4,200 Kelvin.

Can the mirror, which is illuminated all around, also be hung high up?

The TALOS MOON can only be mounted horizontally (across) in the format 180 x 70 cm (width x height).

How much does it cost to ship the mirror?

Like all our mirrors, the mirror with LED TALOS MOON is also delivered to you free of charge in Germany and Austria.

How long does the delivery of the mirror take?

As soon as we receive your payment, the mirror will be delivered to you within 2-3 working days

What do I do if I don't like the mirror?

You have a 14-day right of revocation, in which you can send the mirror back to us without giving reasons.

The mirror has transport damage, what do I do?

Should the unusual case occur that the mirror arrives damaged, please inform us in writing immediately after receipt. We will arrange everything else.


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